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Spellbound Fics
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This is the fic journal of angelhope99, and will contain ficlets of many types, from the Spellbound novel series I have published, to crossovers between Spellbound and the Webcomic- The Law of Purple, other anime fics I choose to dabble in, and any other little one shots that come to mind.

1) NO FLAMES! These ficlets are for simple enjoyment as well as a way for others to get to know the characters of the Spellbound series and seeing how they might interact with other charcters as well should it ever come to it. If you are not a fan of OC's and crossovers, then this is not a place for you to want to be.
*Not all fics will include Spellbound characters- see list below for the fandoms I currently write for, thank you.
2) NO STEALING! As with anything I ever write, I have posted it to Deviant Art first where the copyright is clearly stated, so if you try to repost the ficlets anywhere, you will be caught eventually and there will be proof of who posted what first.
3) BE OPEN MINDED! Many characters in the Spellbound series lead questionable lives and do questionable things. There will be talk of drugs and sex (all sexual fics will be with characters over 18 years old to ensure no confusion and keep things legal), some possible rape (though not much- I don't like to write it as per my own personal experience), twincest, Yaoi, Yuri, and other situations that may not be what others can accept. From here on out, you cannot say that you have not been warned- though I will include warning in the tags
4) If I am taking requests for one shots, I will make a note of it in an entry along with the request rules.
5) Anything that is to be rated higher than PG-13 will be f-locked so if you are going to want to read anything above PG-13, it would be in your best interest to officially friend this journal.
6)Note that these rules could change and be addedd to at any given time. I will most likely add a note a journal entry but it would not hurt to come back here from time to time to check out anything new.

Follow these simple rules, and I won't have to completely F-lock this journal, okay?

Spellbound is a Fantasy/Romance novel series written by Angela Baker and published through BookSurge Publishing Company and sold on Amazon.com, Target.com, and Borders books online. It was officially revealed when Book 1, Dawn of Destiny, was released to the public on May 21st, 2007. Book 2, Escape from Darkness, is slated to be released in the Fall of 2008.
Spellbound is projected to be a seven book series, and there are plans to release an unedited version after the seventh book is completed- this will set Spellbound in the mature adult/erotic genre instead of the mature young adult audience it stands at right now.

Spellbound centers around a group of immortal beings caught up in a war none of them asked for or wanted to be a part of. They have to learn to hone their skills while dealing with the confusion that love brings to their lives. They have to face death of loved ones and destruction of homes as they try to carry on and bring unity and peace to their people once more.

More can be learned about the series on the offical Spellbound website: http://www.myspace.com/spellboundseries

Join other readers, catch sneak peeks at future novels, and catch the art contest that could get your art published in the back of the Spellbound novels at the Spellbound forum: http://spellboundnovel.proboards82.com/index.cgi

Fandoms Written For

Law of Purple
DN Angel
Devil May Cry
More is sure to be added over time.

Master list of fics in this community thus far

Credit Arena

All artwork shown here depicting the Spellbound characters was done by Jessica Segaard ( golddragongirl )- the cover artist of the Spellbound series, unless otherwise noted, and used with permission.