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(Crossover) A Christmas Reunion

 (Crossover) A Christmas Reunion

Title: A Christmas Reunion
Rating: G
Fandom/Pairing: YGO/Spellbound- no specified pairing
Notes: I have cross posted this a couple of places. I entered a writing contest on a forum I visit and it was to create a piece about what Christmas means to me but not in essay form. It could be through the eyes of a character so I decided to do an add on to my Eternal Love series by posting this little thing. Now. my series is only at Battle City so it isn't quite ready to be near finished so this add on is a major spoiler... Just thought I would give a heads up to anyone who may be reading my fic...
Disclaimer: since it is a fan fiction- I don't own YGO... ((Though I most certainly would love to hehe)) But all characters are property of that show except Aurora, Sanura, Zahara, Dorian, Bryant, Sapphira, Natara, Aiden and Adias))

Aurora finished wrapping the last of the gifts and tucked them under the tree. Natara and Sapphira had stepped outside to help Dorian and Bryant add the last of the lights to the path that was lightly dusted with snow. They were gearing up for a party that was bound to be the best they had ever had. It was not just going to be a gathering for the holidays to them. It was a reunion. Two years had passed since everyone had last seen each other in the sands of Egypt. Two years since Yugi had last said good bye to the spirit he had grown so close to while connected to the Millennium Puzzle. So many secrets had come out in that week. Aurora had marveled at Yugi’s ability to handle the truth as it came crashing down. But she knew there was one thing he did not know. One thing he had never been told.

She sighed as a pair of warm arms wrapped around her in a tight embrace. Turning, she found herself staring into a pair of crimson eyes. Reaching up she twirled a strand of his blond bangs around her finger as she admired the rest of the tri-colored head in front of her. The face was one she had once given up. But she had been patient and eventually her patience paid off.

“Are you ready Atem?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” he murmured as he leaned in for a tender kiss. She was about to give him the best Christmas gift. They were only waiting for the limo to arrive.

“I think we finally have everything done outside,” Bryant reported as he stomped off his boots.

“It smells so good in here,” Natara breathed as she entered the house behind him and removed her gloves and jacket. “Is dinner almost ready?”

“Almost,” Aurora answered. “Where are Dorian and Sapphira?” Bryant checked the window.

“Outside still, in the middle of a snowball fight it seems,” he commented as squeals of laughter could be heard.

“Is there anything thing I can help you with, my lady?” Aurora turned toward the soft voice and smiled at the dark haired Egyptian woman standing not far from them.

“Thank you, Ishizu, but I believe everything is taken care of. Have Odion and Marik returned with the firewood?”

“Right here,” Marik’s voice answered behind his sister as they came from the back door. Atem left Aurora’s side to help Odion start the fire in the fireplace. Already, the home was beginning to warm up.

“I still can’t believe you were able to bring him back,” Ishizu said softly as she stepped closer to Aurora. Lapis blue eyes misted over a moment before Aurora turned to her friend.

“It wasn’t easy, but I am glad it worked. The past two years have been a wonder in themselves. He already knew so much about the modern world thanks to his time with Yugi. It was just a matter of getting him used to other changes. Like seeing snow on Christmas.” The two women laughed quietly as another tri-colored head appeared from the doorway of the kitchen.

“Mother, can I get your help a moment.” Aurora nodded to her daughter.

“Of course, Sanura.”

The wonderful smells of turkey, and stuffing struck her senses as Aurora entered the kitchen. Sanura was helping her long time friend turned fiancé, Aiden, remove the turkey from the oven. Immediately, Aurora went to work helping to get the stuffing removed and into a separate plate before turning to the hot, spiced apple cider that was ready to be served. She lifted the container and carried it into the livingroom where Atem met her to take the heavy container from her.

“I see a limo,” Sapphira called out from the window. Aurora joined her friend and her smile brightened as a blonde head emerged from inside. The blonde stood a moment before turning and allowing a white haired boy room to exit the vehicle.

“I see Zahara and Ryou managed to work out the whole evil spirit of the Ring thing to remain together after all?” Atem asked Aurora. She nodded and turned her smile at him.

“Well now, let’s get begin the party shall we?” Her laughter rang out as she and Sanura both ran toward the door as the bell rang. Instantly, Zahara was welcomed with huge hugs and kisses on her cheeks.

“Ryou, it is good to see you again as well,” Aurora told the quiet boy beside her daughter. With a mischievous look at Zahara she grinned. “Did you tell him yet?” Ryou’s eyes grew concerned and Zahara giggled.

“He wouldn't agree to come until I told him the big secret,” she answered. They were interrupted again by the sound of the doorbell and Aurora opened the door to two teens she had not been sure if she would see. The smaller one smiled warmly at her. But his grin grew larger as his eyes rested on Sanura.

“Sanura!” She turned at the call of her name. Her eyes grew wide with shock.

“Mokuba! You came!” She came forward and knelt down to accept her hug. Standing, she gave a smile to her former boss. “Seto.” His eyes warmed slightly and he nodded his welcome as he handed her a bottle of wine. “Please come in and make yourselves comfortable. Let me take your jackets. The others should be here soon.” The two Kaiba brothers made their way to the livingroom were Atem stood to greet them. He had wondered what Seto’s reaction would be to him.


“It’s Atem, correct?” The former Pharaoh nodded and the two shook hands. Mutual respect, or just being civil for the holiday, Aurora was not sure which. She did not have time to reflect however as she heard the last limo arrive. Silently, she left the room and headed toward the door.

“Wow, take a look at this place, you guys!” Tristan’s voice could be heard from the drive.

“This is amazing,” Mai said in awe as she joined him.

“I can’t believe Ms. Hart flew all of us out here for the holidays,” Téa added as she climbed out of the limo. She turned to grab a shaking hand. “Careful, Mr. Motou, there is a small patch of ice right here.”

“Thank you, Téa,” the elder man said gratefully as she helped him stand.

“Hurry up, Yuge! I wanna get a closer look at dis place!”

“All right, Joey, I’m going!” Yugi told his friend with a laugh. His father (and Aurora and Atem's son), Adais, chuckled and climbed out behind him.

“Settle down, Brother, it isn’t like it’s going to up and run away on us.”

“You never know, Serenity. After everything we’ve all been through, I learned anything is possible.” It was only a moment later before they all on the drive and staring up at the mansion.

“It is much warmer inside, I can assure you,” Aurora called out to them from the doorway. She had been looking forward to this day. Her gift to Atem was to reunite him with the people he had grown to love and cherish during his time with Yugi. In a sense it fulfilled her wish as well. Bringing family and friends together for such a joyous holiday. That was what Christmas was to her. The gathering of friends and loved ones to share memories and laughter. The gifts meant nothing to her. Just knowing she was going to be able to reunite two people who held a bond as strong as hers was to Atem was enough to make her happy this day.

“Aurora?” Yugi’s tentative voice asked.

“Yes, please come in out of the cold and sit by the fire. We have been waiting for you. And we have a surprise.” Joey’s head perked up.

“A surprise?”

“Does it include food?” Tristan asked before getting slapped by Téa. Aurora chuckled softly and held the door wider for them.

“Food is in here,” she told him. “But no, the surprise is much more.” She caught the small hint of sadness in Yugi’s eyes upon seeing her. She knew the memories seeing her must have given him. “Yugi, go into the livingroom. You will see your surprise.” She followed behind him as he walked the short distance and through the door of the living room. There was a huge Christmas tree with silver and blue trimmings. Presents cluttered the floor around it. His eyes brightened as Marik waved to him and Ishizu smiled warmly. He saw Seto and Mokuba and noticed them speaking to someone else, but he was not close enough to see just who.

The room went silent and Seto moved just out of the way to see what was happening. It was then that crimson eyes met amethyst. Tears filled both sets of eyes before smiles broke out and the two moved toward each other. Yugi crashed against Atem in a tight hug, his tears falling freely as they landed on their knees under his impact.

“It can’t be. I watched you leave us two years ago. How? How can you be here?” Atem looked up at Aurora.

“Remember when I told you he would one day return?” Aurora asked Yugi. He nodded. “His job on earth was not yet done. He had his memories, but his task was not finished.”

“I had to return, Yugi,” Atem told him with a grin. “Who else is going to make sure you stay out of trouble in college?” Yugi laughed and they stood.

Aurora watched everyone that night all through dinner. Dinner rolls were hurled from one side of the table to another by Joey and Tristan as if they were little footballs. Jokes and stories were told. Memories were relived as the talked about their most difficult duels and some of the crazier ones they had been forced into. Later the presents were handed out and wrapping paper littered the floor while everyone marveled over their gifts. Atem reached out and pulled Aurora toward him.

“You are quiet. Is something wrong?” She shook her head.

“No, nothing is wrong. For once we are all together. No one is out to destroy the world. No one is in danger of losing their soul. No one needs to find lost memories. We are all here. We are together, relaxed, and having fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.”

“I agree,” Atem said as he placed a kiss on her forehead. “Family and friends all gathered together. That is the true meaning of the Holiday Spirit.” Everyone raised their glasses and the sound of them clinking together brought smiles as everyone agreed and cheered.

“It’s good to have you back, Pharaoh,” Yugi said lightly.

“It is good to be back, Yugi.”

“Hey do you guys hear that?” Mai asked. They all grew quiet a moment. Outside the sound of Christmas carolers could be heard. They all stood and went to the door. Seto held his brother while Sanura rested back against Aiden. Ryou held Zahara tightly and her smile grew brighter. Everyone else wrapped their arms around each other and began to sway back and forth to the sung. They could not help but join in as the group finished their last song.

♪We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year♪

“Merry Christmas everyone,” Aurora said softly and their glasses were raised again.

“To family,” Mokuba started.

“To friends,” Atem added with a wink at Téa.

“This has to be the best Christmas ever,” Yugi said. “Thank you Aurora for bringing us together again.”

“It was my pleasure.”


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