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angelhope99 in spellboundfics


TITLE: Lesson In Love
PAIRING: Insinuated Adair/Aurora


Adair, I am rather troubled, young prince.”

The teen bowed his head respectfully before his elder. “I am sorry, Mistress Iris. It seems my mind is not concentrating as it needs to for this test.”

It does appear that way, yes.” The young looking, female elder made her way over to his desk and pulled a chair up beside him, sitting upon it and resting an elbow, delicately, upon the desk. “Is there something on your mind you wish to discuss, young sir?”

I’m uncertain I know as of yet just what, exactly, is distracting me.”

The elder gave a small smirk. “'What', young prince? Or whom?”

Adair blushed darkly, his eyes widening in surprise. Blinking rapidly, he looked up into the wise eyes of his tutor. “’Whom’, Mistress?”

Iris sat back and folded her hands over her lap. “You seem to have lost interest in your lessons since a certain young lady made her appearance before your father earlier in the week. I cannot help but wonder if she might be the cause of your distraction.”

Adair shook his head. “You know me, Mistress. I never allow any one person distract me from my studies.”

That is true, young sir. However, there can be other reasons as to why this one in particular could be such a distraction for you.”

Adair frowned thoughtfully. “Other reasons?”

Iris nodded. “Yes. For example, what would your reaction be if I was to say the name, Lady Aurora Phoenix.” She smiled softly when her answer came with the silent, but very loud, reaction from the future king of Eudora. His breath halted. His cheeks reddened. His crimson eyes took on a far away gaze as if he had spotted the woman whose name had been given across the room. “Hmm, I see I could not be, too, far off in my thoughts.”

Adair blinked and snapped himself out of his daze. “I'm sorry, Mistress. I missed that.”

Love; young prince. Your heart has been stolen.” She shook her head lightly at the dumbfounded look on his face. “It is nothing to fear, entirely. She is a lovely woman... Powerful, too. A fair match in such times...”

The prince's chair clattered to the floor as he forcefully stood and began to pace the room. “I can't, Mistress. This just cannot be permitted to happen.”


The War. Too many depend on me. I can't allow myself to become distracted by matters of the heart.”

Iris arched an eyebrow at him. “You would rather be forced to take a queen you know nothing of? You realize you turn eighteen soon. Your father wishes you to wed before then. You must have a queen at your side.”

I know this,” Adair returned with a sigh. “I just... I don't have time to court. Yet, I don't wish to lose my freedom of choice.”

I think your choice is very clear, your highness.” Their eyes met a moment, one set fearful, while the other remained calm and serious. Iris stood and walked carefully up behind the troubled prince, lightly touching his shoulders. “Let your heart guide you, my prince. You will find not only the perfect queen... but the love your heart so rightly deserves...”