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angelhope99 in spellboundfics

Spellbound character list

Well...  as it stands now, more characters are still to be added...

Character list for Spellbound
Sidel Hart (King)
Marian Hart (Queen)
Theron Hart (Lord – Sidel's Brother- rejected royal title)
Ohanzee Hart (Theron's son)
Namir Hart (Theron's son)
Adair Hart (Sidel's oldest son)
Aurora Phoenix-Hart (Adair's wife)
Sanura Hart (Adair and Aurora's oldest daughter)
Rose Hart (connected to Sanura)
Zahara Hart (Adair and Aurora's youngest daughter)
Adais Hart (Adam and Sapphira's oldest son)
Adam Hart (Sidel's youngest son, Adair's twin)
Soran Hart (Adam's second son)
Kaira Hart (Soran's twin sister)
Riku Hart (Adam's third son)
Corrina Hart (Adam's daughter)
Syeria Celeste Hart (Adam's daughter)
Demetri Hart (Adam's son)
Camron Hart (Adam's son)
Cadence Hart (Adam's daughter)
Ryan Evans
Belle Evans (Married to Ryan)
Violet Evans (Belle and Ryan's daughter)
Knives Evans (Violet's twin brother)
Blake Evans (Zahara's husband)
Nakia Evans (Blake's daughter)
Cayden Evans (Nakia's twin)
Serenity Evans (Blake's youngest daughter)
Gabriel Brooks (married to Sanura)
Raven Brooks (Gabriel's daughter)
Orion Brooks (Gabriel's son)
Riza Germain-Brooks (Gabriel's daughter)
Raoul Brooks (Gabriel's son)
Orifiel Brooks 
Ori Brooks (connected to Orifiel)
Oriel Brooks (Ori's daughter)
Sachiel Brooks (Oriel's twin brother)
Serena Brooks (Orifiel's oldest daughter)
Rayne Brooks (Orifiel's daughter)
Bryant Harper
Natara Harper (Bryant's wife)
Kalista Harper (Bryant's daughter)
Amir Harper (Bryant's son)
Amera Harper (Bryant's daughter)
Dorian Stanson (married Vanessa)
Adelle Stanson (Dorian's daughter)
Aiden Winters
Elena Hart (Sanura/Rose's daughter)
Ryuji Hart (Elena's son)
Malcolm Lewis 
Marek Lewis (no relations to Malcolm- non-intimate roommates though)
Lance Morris
Chad Morris (Lance's younger brother)
Roman Seer
Willow Seer (Roman's sister)
Sahen Hikari (Ciara's brother)
Ciara Hikari (Sahen's sister)
Sapphira Starr-Hart
Kiza Germaine
Alexander Graves
Jade Spiers
Julian Rivers
Kane Coleson
Damon Smith
Miranda Nichols
Tianna Trent
Trixie Slater
Oriana Mattews
Riley Sarca
Rowen Pierson
Sage Merser
Asuka Mathers
Venus Slair
Yasmine Lockhart
Sky Summers
Destiny McCloud
Kedar Knight
Maliki Cauchenar
Nicoli Andretti
Monique Phoenix- (Aurora s mother)
Dominik Solen - (Aurora s father)
Dayton Solen (Dominik's father)
Adrian Suranto
Alina Suranto (Adrian's wife)
Kaida Suranto (Adrian's daughter)
Johnny Pride
Bonnie Gairdon
Missy Pratt
Will Holden - (Chainer 1)
Nick Johnson - (Chainer 2)
Josh Berean - (Chainer 3)
Zack Cusick - (Chainer 4)
Butch Banning - (Chainer 5)
Emily Mayor - (Chainer girl 1)
Ashley Keene - (Chainer girl 2)
Jessica Chase - (Chainer girl 3)
Sandy Miles - (Chainer girl 4)
Samantha Breeze - (Chainer girl 5)
Ed Whedon (Adam’s friend)
Jason (Jonny) Dirk (Adam’s friend)
Tony Veretti (Adam’s friend)
Rosalie Paige
Amara Paige (Adam and Rosalie's daughter)
Elissa Cambridge
Suriel Beaumont
Halon Mathers
Angel Hope
Chantille LaRouge
Vilonia Stockton
Marcella Dalry
Vienna Hope (Angel's mother)
Vanessa Hill
Marcus Palmer (detective)
Varian Corellas
Dante Taylor
Vergil Taylor